How to install the MV Decarboxilation Kit

Please, follow the next steps to install of your Decarboxilation Kit much easier.

  1. Heat up the MV for at least 5 minutes to the Green or Red setting. This will help to increase a little bit the diameter in the loading chamber.
  2. Insert the decarboxilation ring at 45º into the loading chamber until touches the bottom of the metal heat exchanger. Now press the other side of the ring until is completely flat.
  3. Put the metal filter on the top of the ring and then place the metal tube into the loading chamber.
  4. Now your decarboxilation kit is ready to work!

Decarbox chamberIf this doesn’t work because the metal ring feels to tight at the bottom of the loading chamber, you can optionally place the decarboxilation tube first and then the decarboxilation ring as won’t make a big difference in terms of temperature increase in the loading chamber. The function of the metal pieces (tube and ring) are to conduct the heat internally from the top of the heat exchanger to the rest of the loading chamber.

NOTE: the recommendation of placing the ring first with the filter and then the metal tube is to built a gap between the heat exchanger and the loading chamber, so will be more clean when little dirt/particles fall down. Anyway, if you use the dosing-baskets, there won’t be much difference (ring+tube or tube+ring) in terms of cleanness.

Quick Core. The Evolution.

Hey miniVAPers!

As you know, we constaly work in miniVAP on developing and improving our vaporizers. Most of the improvements come out because of your suggestions, so we must thank you because of your ideas and support.

We want to introduce something special. The new heating system of miniVAP*, the QuickCore (QC). The QC improves some basic aspects from the original core of miniVAP.


What is the QUICK CORE and why is BETTER?

It’s an perfection of our convection heating technology, decreasing the electric consumption with more power of the heater.

  • Less time to startup, and heats up faster. It takes 2 minutes long to get the highest temperature in 2 minutes.


  • Less electric consumption. Continuously used, battery lasts up to 4 hours


  • Less efford, easier to inhale.


In general,  the miniVAP QC  improves  the heating time and increases the battery life, keeping the purity of taste and the organoleptic properties of the plants,  without forgetting the quality of the product and useful life of its  internal components.

As always, we hope these news will help you  in your miniVAP user’s experience.


-The mV Team-


*For updating your original mv core to QC mv, click here.

MiniVAP New Colors – Limited Edition

blue-white-snow At MiniVAP, we like to release Limited Editions of our vaporizers from time to time, as a tribute to certain things that we believe are important or significant. Previously, we released some models in gold, with the meaning of purity; and green lime in reference to the properties of plants, which were warmly welcomed among our customers. Now, we are returning to the exclusiveness of that universe, presenting new collection in navy-blue, orange and fuchsia-red; wishing to pay tribute to the geographic enclave from which we originated, and the time of day that we find most pleasant.

rose-orange-blueThese colors transport us to the seashore or any jagged mountain landscape in the Iberian Peninsula. We are watching the sunset as the night gains ground, covering everything with that characteristic blue mantle, belonged only to that moment of the day.

On that beach, that seafront esplanade; the never-ending terraces are there, on which we can enjoy a good red wine. Ribera, Arlanza, Somontano, Rioja, sweet wine from Jerez… Spain is a land of wines and there is a wide choice (without mentioning rosés, claret, white and verdejo vines).

It’s time for peacefulness, relaxation, forgetting about work, and giving time to ourselves, if possible, in

Our coast, plentiful, varied, and envied. Our countryside, from which our grandparents have gathered the fruits of their efforts and the generosity of nature, generation after generation. The sun and the busy night-time activity, also characteristic of these lands, and manifestations of the personality of our peoples; the gastronomy, without forgetting the wine, cornerstones for a happy, caring, and welcoming society.IMG_7146

The wine, the main reference of the taste and the smells of our land. A demanding palate that knows at all times how to appreciate and lend importance to the senses, the subtlety of the nuances and details, which are the guarantee of quality in the culinary world.  At MiniVAP, we try to take the greatest care of those organoleptic properties of the substances we vaporize, preserving both their purity and the aftertaste, through optimal extraction.

This is our New Limited Edition. Although its appearance seems different, they are still the same vaporizers as ever, updated with the latest improvements. Our objective: to give you the best user experience, for what you see, for what you touch, but also for what you feel.


-The mV Team-

MiniVAP Glass Core: convection, conduction and density

Hello miniVAPers!

Here more information about mv GC, its beginning and usage.

The MiniVAP Glass Core (also called mv gc) was developed in 2014 by Hermes Medical after its release of the MV Decarboxilation Kit in 2013.

glass core inside

Some customers suggested including glass in the miniVAP, so higer temperatures would be reached and decaboxylation would be easier. The result of this was a new heating air-path which:

  • Integrates a mixture of a convection-conduction core. Considering that glass has greater heat conductivity than Teflon. The glass air-path leads up to the loading chamber subjecting the herb to a continuous/passive source of heat.
  • Provides a stronger extraction and more density. The GC is a core that can be calibrated to higher temperatures than the standards*.


After some trials and a warm reception, miniVAP saw answer to the customer’s suggestions.

Hereunder some tips that will help you with de usage and manteinance of your GC. 

  •  The glass air-path absorbs more energy, so heating times and power consumption are slightly higher.
  •  Clean the gc regularly, especially if you put the herb directly into the loading chamber.
  • Conduction heating increases decarboxylation in some active ingredients, so the effects might vary a little bit.


We hope this information will help you with your user experience.

-The mV Team-


*Send us an email if you would like to experiment with higher temperatures in your gc or if you wish to update your original tc to gc.


Glass core VS. teflon core

MV Glass Core (GC): you will get a strong and dense vapor, increases passive/conduction heating that improves extraction and decarboxilation. A water tool is recommended.

MV Teflon Core (TC): for a soft and subtle feeling, keeps the terpens (taste and aroma) for a long time. Optionally, the decarboxilation kit can be installed for heating effects (convection-conduction) that are similar to the use of  a glass core.

MV Glass Core: Incompatibilities with MV Accessories

Hello miniVAPers!

Here a bit of information about incompatibilities between some mV accessories when using the miniVAP Glass Cores.

First of all, remember that Teflon and Glass cores are manufactured from different materials, so you must be sure to check it out before buying your MV Glass Core or updating to glass.


We hope this information will help you with your mV maintenance and user experience.

-The mV Team-

Improving the extraction with your MV

Hello miniVAPers!

Please, follow the next recommendations in order to have a better experience with the MiniVAP.2

  1. Use the baskets (small or medium sizes) to maintain the loading chamber, cone and lid properly clean.
  2. You can put the plant directly into the loading chamber but clean it often, otherwise it will get tasty and dirt from the previous sessions. It’s better to clean it when the internal walls are warm.
  3. The plant must be grinded for an optimal extraction and the basket has to be FILLED COMPLETELY. If you don’t grind the plant or the basket is not full up to the top, the air will go in between the empty places and you will inhale heated air rather than a dense cloud of vapor.


We hope this info will help you with your user experience and the maintenance of your mV


-The mV Team-

How to connect the MV Power Adapter to the Charger

Hello miniVAPers!

Here, some advices for connecting the miniVAP Charger and Power Adapter.

  1. Make sure that the US/UK/EU plug is properly connected to the wall socket.
  2. Check if the other side of the cable is correctly connected into the charger. If the charger is properly connected to 110-230Vac, shows a green light.
  3. Turn and push the jack into the hole of the power Adapter, and make sure that the jack fits deep enough into the connector of the Adapter, it’s a little bit tight.
  4. Connect the MV core to the Power Adapter. The LED’s of the MiniVAP will show the temperature level (front) and battery level (rear: green/blue) for 1-2 seconds.
  5. Now, switch on the MiniVAP. The light of the MV charger will turn RED or RED-GREEN (fast) to show that is powering the vaporizer.


We hope this tips will be usefull to your miniVAP usage.

-The mV Team-

Three advises to inhale properly

Hello miniVAPers!

The way you inhale, the way you will appreciate the aspects of you herbs, so please read the next to get the best:

1. The proper extraction occurs after inhaling deeply for more than 3-4 seconds. The MV Teflon Core* is almost a 100% convection heating so you must pull enough hot air into the loading chamber to start creating the vapor.

2. First and second inhalations don’t usually deliver much vapor but a pure and strong taste. The heated airflow starts delivering the most volatile chemicals (taste and aroma with a low boiling point) rather than other active compounds.

After 2-3 inhalations you should start making vapor.

3. The temperature/color setting point is important but also how long and deep you inhale.

  •  Inhaling strong for more than 10 seconds, the amount of vapor will be more dense and satisfactory.
  • Inhaling softly but continuously releases a soft and tasty feelings.


We hope this tips will help you enjoy your miniVAP experience.

-The mV  Team-



*The MV Decarboxilation Kit (for the MV tc) or MV Glass Core usually take less effort to make more vapor because of a higher conduction heat into the loading chamber.