Three advises to inhale properly

Hello miniVAPers!

The way you inhale, the way you will appreciate the aspects of you herbs, so please read the next to get the best:

1. The proper extraction occurs after inhaling deeply for more than 3-4 seconds. The MV Teflon Core* is almost a 100% convection heating so you must pull enough hot air into the loading chamber to start creating the vapor.

2. First and second inhalations don’t usually deliver much vapor but a pure and strong taste. The heated airflow starts delivering the most volatile chemicals (taste and aroma with a low boiling point) rather than other active compounds.

After 2-3 inhalations you should start making vapor.

3. The temperature/color setting point is important but also how long and deep you inhale.

  •  Inhaling strong for more than 10 seconds, the amount of vapor will be more dense and satisfactory.
  • Inhaling softly but continuously releases a soft and tasty feelings.


We hope this tips will help you enjoy your miniVAP experience.

-The mV  Team-



*The MV Decarboxilation Kit (for the MV tc) or MV Glass Core usually take less effort to make more vapor because of a higher conduction heat into the loading chamber.

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