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¿Equivalence between Colors and setting?

Front light Temperature setting
BLUE 190ºC - 375ºF
PINK 205ºC - 400ºF
GREEN 220ºC - 430ºF
RED 235ºC - 455ºF
Rear/back light Battery level
GREEN(max) up to 180 minutes
ORANGE(medium) 60-90 minutes
RED(low) < 30 minutes

¿Why using the basket or liquid pad?

First reason is about cleanness, it will be easier for you to clean these rather than the loading chamber every time you use the vaporizer.
Second. We recommend the use of both for extracts or oils. The fusion point of these substances are usually low so they will drop into the bottom of the vaporizer getting dirt easily.

¿How to use the basket or liquid pad?

If you want to use the basket, remember that this need more heat to warm up it and be able make a proper extraction.
For the best extraction, we recommend to set the temperature on Green or Red.

¿How to clean the loading chamber?

The walls of the loading chamber are made from anti-adherent material. Depending on the plant you vaporize, some sticky substances (like oils or other solid particles) could get stack in it. We recommend to clean the vaporizer just before use it when the loading chamber is still warm. This will help to clean it easily using the brush. If you forgot to do it, please, turn on the vaporizer, make a couple of inhalations to warm up the chamber and then it will be easier to clean it.

¿How can you take out the filter at the bottom of the loading chamber?

First, you must take out the tube around the chamber with the handle of a tea spoon, don't use the points of a scissors or screw because you will scratch the loading chamber. Place the point of the handled at the bottom of the chamber and press up to extract the filter. Now you can change the filter or take out the other ring around the chamber to change the filter of the bottom. Clean the two pieces you took out, replace or put all the cleaned parts back and enjoy your new vaporizer.

¿Do you have more question? Do you want to give us a suggestion?

If you don't find the answer to your questions in the FAQ's or you have an interesting suggestion about the miniVAP, please fill the contact form. We will try to answer ASAP.