About us

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The origins of MiniVAP all began with Jorge Fernandez and his dream to give greater visibility and value to the traditional use of aromatic and medicinal plants, in addition to the importance of using their properties to relieve illness and unease or just to improve the taste or preservation of foods. The MiniVAP project is a tiny homage to our ancestors’ knowledge of plants.

Evaporator Minivap

MiniVAP embraces many aspects of how we are, showing a versatile and proactive spirit but aware of a global, connected and technological world. This is how we are and we are happy to share it in our daily tasks, focused on enhancing our customers’ life and contributing to the knowledge of research and design, but also as manufacturers and sellers of our portable vaporizers.

Though many years have passed since the sale of the first MiniVAP in 2009, we are a small company. Our growth has been slow, but sure, thanks to the confidence of our customers, learning from the experience of users, sellers and suppliers. We have a business model without investors, but we do offer our best everyday with tons of excitement for authentic work.