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Clinical trials in Australia with MiniVAP
It is a great honor for us to inform you of the first clinical trials conducted in Australia with the miniVAP vaporizer and medicinal [...]
Payment methods: MiniVAP Online Store
These are the two different payment methods to buy in the MiniVAP website. Credit or Debit card Depending on the type of card (VISA or [...]
Quick Core. The Evolution.
Hey miniVAPers! As you know, we constantly work in miniVAP on developing and improving our vaporizers. Most of the improvements come out [...]
MiniVAP New Colors – Limited Edition
At MiniVAP, we like to release Limited Editions of our vaporizers from time to time, as a tribute to certain things that we believe are [...]
MiniVAP Glass Core: convection, conduction and density
Hello miniVAPers! Here more information about MV GC, its beginning and usage. The MiniVAP Glass Core (also called MV GC) was developed in [...]
Glass core VS. teflon core
MV Glass Core (GC): you will get a strong and dense vapor, increases passive/conduction heating that improves extraction and [...]
MV Glass Core: Incompatibilities with MV Accessories
Hello miniVAPers! Here a bit of information about incompatibilities between some mV accessories when using the miniVAP Glass Cores. First [...]
Improving the extraction with your MV
Hello miniVAPers! Please, follow the next recommendations in order to have a better experience with the MiniVAP.2 Use the baskets [...]
The science of vaporizing
In collaboration with FundaciĆ³n Canna, we introduce some information to explain different details about the science of [...]
How to connect the MV Power Adapter to the Charger
Hello miniVAPers! Here, some advices for connecting the miniVAP Charger and Power Adapter. Make sure that the US/UK/EU plug is [...]