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How to connect the MV Power Adapter to the Charger
Hello miniVAPers! Here, some advices for connecting the miniVAP Charger and Power Adapter. Make sure that the US/UK/EU plug is [...]
Three tips to inhale properly
Hello miniVAPers! The way you inhale, the way you will appreciate the aspects of you herbs, so please read the next to get the [...]
Battery maintenance: recomendations
Hello miniVAPers! Here some basic recommendations for keeping your miniVAP batteries lifespan. 1. Charge/discharge the battery completely [...]
Only you can make it special
From miniVAP we would like telling you that: Active ingredients are important but also are: • a positive/fullness state of mind • a [...]
How to connect the MV Charger and Battery
Hello miniVAPers! Here a quick guide about how to charge the battery of your miniVAP 1.Make sure that the US/UK/EU plug is properly [...]
Warm Feelings
Hello miniVAPers! If you enjoy turning into a dragon, inhaling and exhaling dense clouds of vapor, you must read this post. That [...]
Color settings & feelings
Hello miniVAPers! Here, a quick guide about temperature settings, and its feelings. BLUE. Releases an intense taste and aroma. [...]
Warranty: Battery
Hello miniVAPers! Previously, the miniVAP's battery had a warranty of one year. Last year we reduced the warranty on the battery to [...]
How to test the MV Charger
Hello miniVAPers! Here some tips for testing if you miniVAP charger is working or not. Make sure that the US/UK/EU plug is properly [...]
MV Original Core: conduction, taste and purity
Hello miniVAPers! Let us tell you the  main features about our Teflon Cores, and why we choose this material in order to make the first [...]