Burn-in: needed or Not?

MiniVAPs black and blue colors

Burn-in: needed or Not?

Some users ask if “burn in” is needed or not upon receipt of their new miniVAP? That is when you run the device at high temperature while empty to burn off any manufacturing residue.
A new MiniVAP does NOT need a ‘burn in‘.

Ultrasonic cleaning

First of all, before the vaporizer is built, almost all internal pieces in the vapor path have a specific cleaning process by going through an ultrasonic bath. This avoids the presence of and releases any residue coming from the manufacturing process.
By residue we understand, for example, the mineral oil that is used when cutting the filter discs.
MiniVAP filling baskets

MiniVAP small baskets ready to use after cleaning.

Heat and vacuum cleaning

Besides, after the MiniVAP core is assembled, every single unit is switched on at the higher temp for around 15 minutes and another 10min at the lower temp.
Simultaneously, each device is individually calibrated, simulating human inhalations assisted by a vacuum pump. This process also helps to eliminate any residual taste/smells.

Despite these procedures for cleaning internal parts, different users may still experience unfamiliar tastes or odors for some time. Some people may be more sensible than others. Please, keep in mind that each device has its own scent due to the materials it is made of. A very clear example is when we use MiniVAP capsules: expresso capsules will always have a different flavor and smells than stainless steel MV baskets.

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