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Burn-in: needed or Not?
Some users ask if "burn in" is needed or not upon receipt of their new miniVAP? That is when you run the device at high temperature while [...]
Administration of herbal products by inhalation
In collaboration with Farmespaña Industrial magazine (special edition: medicinal cannabis), we explain the different technical advantages [...]
New experiences with MV (II): use of concentrates
A common question among users concerns the best way to experience the use of concentrates with the MiniVAP vaporizer. As you know, [...]
Cannabis Europa – Madrid
I feel honoured to have been a speaker for the panel 'Innovators driving the European Market' at the Cannabis Europe event in Madrid [...]
Ideal vaporization temperature
Many people are looking for the best vaporizer or an ideal vaporization temperature. ‘Ideal’ depends on different facts such as: the [...]
Clinical trials in Australia with MiniVAP
It is a great honor for us to inform you of the first clinical trials conducted in Australia with the miniVAP vaporizer and medicinal [...]
The science of vaporizing
In collaboration with Fundación Canna, we introduce some information to explain different details about the science of [...]
Posters for the IACM congress
  Published posters at the AICM congresses, related to the MiniVAP vaporizer and Hermes Medical's new [...]