Clinical trials in Australia with MiniVAP

Clinical trials with MiniVAP in Australia

Clinical trials in Australia with MiniVAP

It is a great honor for us to inform you of the first clinical trials conducted in Australia with the miniVAP vaporizer and medicinal cannabis.

Led by Professor Meera Agar from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in collaboration with researchers from several universities. Some 30 patients with advanced cancer will participate in the first stage of the trials that will take place at the Sacred Heart Health Service, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, and Calvary Mater Newcastle hospital.

The trials will be carried out with medicinal cannabis in herbal form supplied por Bedrocan (Bedrobinol® 13.5% THC). Participants will be administered varying doses of vaporized cannabis flos one hour before meals, three times a day, for a period of seven days, unless affected by side effects.

The objective of the trials is to assess whether medicinal cannabis products (using the miniVAP vaporizer) can enhance the quality of life for adults with advanced cancer. Particularly by improving appetite and appetite-related symptoms. The trials are expected to play a critical role in helping to answer important questions about safety, efficacy, dosage and frequency, side effects and the best delivery mode for palliative care patients.

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