Espresso Capsules: robust flavor & density

Espresso Capsules: robust flavor & density

After several prototypes and tests, we are launching the new MV Espresso Capsules, also known as MiniVAP Glass Capsules.

They are an excellent option for those looking for a more concentrated and potent vaporization experience, similar to enjoying an espresso coffee.

Although they are not capsules because they are open at both ends, they have a thicker end inside, closing the exit from the sides. The thicker end concentrates the heat inside the capsule thanks to the Bernoulli effect: it increases pressure and therefore the amount extracted.

Here are the advantages of using MiniVAP Espresso Capsules:

  • More Intense Experience: MiniVAP Espresso Capsules provide a more intense vaporization experience compared to traditional methods. The thicker end of the capsule concentrates heat, resulting in a potent vapor.
  • High Density and Flavor: These capsules offer a high density of vapor, enhancing the flavor of the material being vaporized. Users can expect a rich and robust flavor profile.
  • Fewer Inhalations Required: Due to the concentrated and potent vapor produced by the capsules, users may require fewer inhalations to achieve their desired effect. This can lead to a more efficient experience.

While there are advantages to using MiniVAP Espresso Capsules, it’s also important to consider the disadvantages, such as requiring more inhalation effort and potentially having a shorter duration of the charge due to the intensity. Users should weigh these factors based on their preferences and vaping needs.

The Espresso Capsules are on stock in a Set of 4 pieces but also included in the MiniVAP Starter Kit.

Some tips to enhance the Espresso effect:

  1. Select Quality Herbs: Make sure to use high-quality, well-cured dried herbs for an optimal flavor and vaporization experience.
  2. Grind the Material Fine: Grind the material you want to vaporize finely and uniformly. This will make vaporization and the extraction of active compounds easier.
  3. Press the Material (Optional): If you’re looking for a more concentrated experience, consider lightly pressing the crushed material inside the capsule. This can increase density and vaporization efficiency. Use the glass manifold to improve pressing, as a coffee ‘tamper.’
  4. Adjust the Temperature: Experiment with the vaporization temperature to find the level that best suits your preferences. Espresso capsules can produce high-density vapor at moderate temperatures.
  5. Inhale Carefully: Due to the intensity of capsules, inhale carefully and control the inhalation speed. You can adjust the inhalation strength to achieve the desired density.

These tips will help you make the most of your MiniVAP Espresso Capsules and achieve a satisfying vaporization experience. But if you still want more information, read the next article about the new glass pieces.

Make yourself an espresso, MiniVAP style.

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