MV Original Core: conduction, taste and purity

MV Original Core: conduction, taste and purity

Hello miniVAPers!

Let us tell you the  main features about our Teflon Cores, and why we choose this material in order to make the first miniVAP vaporizers.

The original MV Core is built with a Teflon air-path and was designed because we wanted a pure 100% conduction heating vaporizer.

Teflon has many interesting properties like:

  • It doesn’t conduct or absorb heat easy
  • Compatible with food and can be in contact with herbs and oils
  • Non-stick ,odorless and tasteless. It can be used up to 240º C


Basically, we wanted to create a thermal barrier between the heater and the load so the passive heat doesn’t ‘cook’ the herbs between inhalations or heating up the device.

In the Teflon Core, the heat affects ONLY when user inhale and not because of conduction heat coming from the walls or bottom of the loading chamber. Obviously, there will be always a residual passive heat between inhalation, but still the organoleptic properties (taste and aroma) are more intense and last much longer in comparison with the MV Glass Core or installing the MV Descarboxilation Kit.

-The mV Team-

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