MV Glass Starter Kit

MiniVAP Glass Starter Kit ready to use

MV Glass Starter Kit

The use of glass in the MiniVAP has influenced our designs from the very beginning. In 2013, we released the glass core, achieving higher temperatures and better decarboxylation. The glass absorbs and releases thermal energy, improving heat transfer by conduction and therefore continuously heating the plant. In addition, glass, specifically borosilicate, is safe for health, even at high temperatures.

We have developed 2 new glass accessories: the mouthpiece-manifold and the espresso capsules. Their functions ensures that the path of the vapor from where the herbal material is placed and where the vapor is produced (capsule). To its outlet (manifold-mouthpiece). ALL passes through glass.

MinivAP Glasss Starter Kit

Picture 1. MiniVAP Glass Starter Kit includes: cut flexicone (x1), glass mouthepiece-manifold (x1) and espresso capsule (x1).

Mouthpiece or manifold

The glass mouthpiece-manifold collects the vapor at the outlet of the vaporization chamber. The conical part is fitted inside the cut Flexicone and the straight part outside the Flexicone. The straight part is inserted into the lid through the inner hole (leaving part of the tube to protrude a few millimeters). We can inhale directly from the protruding glass tube or insert a Flexicone+ to attach to the 14MM glass adapter or another glass manifold, now as a mouthpiece.

Glass Manifold instalation in MiniVAP lid

Picture 2. Glass manifold and cut Flexicone fitted to the MiniVAP lid.

Espresso capsules

The function of the espresso capsules is to carry the herbal material inside it and concentrate heat inside it. The top inner edge overflows the heated air inside the capsule when inhaling. So the contents will be heated with more intensity than the standard miniVAP baskets. In some way, the capsule also functions like the descarboxylation kit because the glass absorbs heat and releases little by little. So it can be used indistinctly with the convection core or with the convection-radiation core.

New MiniVAP Glass containers.

Picture 3. New MiniVAP Glass containers.

Insert the herbal material and gently compress it to use the espresso capsule correctly. The more you compress the plant, the denser the inhalation will be. But the more effort has to be made to produce vapor. Prepare a Flexicone with a flat filter (without a ring) and insert the thick edge of the capsule into the Flexicone, as if it were a basket.


MiniVAP Glass Starter Kit ready to use

Picture 4. MiniVAP Glass Starter Kit ready to use.


If you have a convection core (peek, teflon-glass or teflon-quartz cores), you need to remove the white tube from the chamber. Otherwise you can’t insert the espresso capsule and close the lid. If you have the decarboxylation kit installed, remove the first metal tube.

But, if you own a convection-radiation core (glass or quartz cores), directly install the espresso capsule into a Flexicone/Flexicone+ and close the lid.


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