Warm Feelings

Warm Feelings

Hello miniVAPers!

If you enjoy turning into a dragon, inhaling and exhaling dense clouds of vapor, you must read this post.

That intensity brings consequences that we will have to understand and find a solution. Becaous of this we need to know different feelings.

  • Coughing or throat stinging is  because of  thevapor and the own chemistry of the ingredients*
  • A burning feeling in the lips is due to vapor temperature or a long inhalation.
  • Dryness in the throat or mouth is because low moisture and high temperature.

In order to use the higher temperature settings of mV  as green or red, avoiding  this troubles, we always recommend the MV Flexicone+  or a water tool connected with our MV Adapter for Glass (14mm or 12mm standards).

If a dry experience is wanted, using directly the flexicone+ or the original MV mouthpieces and still the vapor feels hot in your lips, try the next tips:

  • Inhale softly and slowly, instead of fast and intense.
  • Place the mouthpiece or the flexicone+ INSIDE your mouth, otherwise your will feel burning.

We hope this tips will help you enjoying a pleasant experiencie  of dense vapor and intense bouquet.

-The mV Team-

*NOTE Some herbs or active ingredients may cause irritation because of their own chemical composition, i.e. phenol.


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