How to connect the MV Power Adapter to the Charger

How to connect the MV Power Adapter to the Charger

Hello miniVAPers!

Here, some advices for connecting the miniVAP Charger and Power Adapter.

  1. Make sure that the US/UK/EU plug is properly connected to the wall socket.
  2. Check if the other side of the cable is correctly connected into the charger. If the charger is properly connected to 110-230Vac, shows a green light.
  3. Turn and push the jack into the hole of the power Adapter, and make sure that the jack fits deep enough into the connector of the Adapter, it’s a little bit tight.
  4. Connect the MV core to the Power Adapter. The LED’s of the MiniVAP will show the temperature level (front) and battery level (rear: green/blue) for 1-2 seconds.
  5. Now, switch on the MiniVAP. The light of the MV charger will turn RED or RED-GREEN (fast) to show that is powering the vaporizer.


We hope this tips will be usefull to your miniVAP usage.

-The mV Team-

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