Ideal vaporization temperature

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Ideal vaporization temperature

Many people are looking for the best vaporizer or an ideal vaporization temperature. ‘Ideal’ depends on different facts such as: the intended (medical, therapeutic or recreational) use, user sensations, or the form and composition of the herbal compound.

Ideal vaporization on MiniVAP

MiniVAP ideal temperature for coffee time


Ideal temperature in terms of the user’s comfort zone will be at medium temperatures (pink or green setting). The vaping sensation will be smooth and light, which will avoid coughing and a dry throat.

If the user wants to extract terpenes or to maintain the synergistic (entourage) effect, the ideal is medium temperatures. Heating, extraction of vapor and body absorption will be more progressive and controlled.

Temperatures and colors in MiniVAP

*approximate value (depends on the depth or duration of the inhalation)

On the contrary, the highest vaporization temperatures (red setting) might be better for ex-smokers, because they prefer dense vapor and an intense sensation. This temperature might be beneficial for therapeutic users because of the high concentration and extraction of active principles and increasing the decarboxylation process.

In conclusion, the choice of the vaporizer and its characteristics is related with the temperature and user sensations and well-being. MiniVAP offers different settings and options of the vaporizers to obtain the best results when the active ingredients are extracted.



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