Limited Editions 2023: the Darkside and the Moon

MiniVAP Moon on the rocks - Limited Edition 2023

Limited Editions 2023: the Darkside and the Moon

At miniVAP, we like to release Limited Editions of our vaporizers as a tribute to aspects that surround us and we deem important or significant. From the first editions in gold to the latest in espresso, ocean, and crimson, they have always been warmly received by all our customers. Now, we have returned to the exclusivity of this Universe, introducing the new collection of MiniVAP Limited Editions: Darkside and Moon.

These Limited Editions mark the final series of a product with the designation ‘master.’

Why master?

The MiniVAP project has taught us year after year to improve from within to shine on the outside. That’s why we have been a relatively unknown brand despite almost 14 years of designing and manufacturing vaporizers. We have cared to stay on the hidden side and reveal ourselves gradually: like the Moon. But day by day, enhancing the experience for our customers when using a quality vaporizer from MiniVAP.

These include all the latest improvements and new stuff, mechanical designs and manufacturing, software functionalities and user’s accessories. Some of these are the next: Quazt Core, 4/7 temperature selector; new WPAs; glass starter kit; 3D printed pieces; and the espresso capsules.

The new and final collection of this product is a tribute to the original colors of MiniVAP in bright silver and black tones. Its incredible glossy finish reflects light diffusely and colors it with the objects around.


Seemingly the dark side is invisible to our sight, but also the hidden side is illuminated and bright by the sun. What happens on the dark side? Only you know, and we invite you to experience it.

MiniVAP DarkSide color - Limited Edition 2023

MiniVAP Darkside color – Limited Edition 2023


Evokes the reflection of the full Moon, with a subdued glow and gray tones. The Moon affects our emotions, and its light exerts a strong power, showing the reflection of our reality differently. You should have one.

MiniVAP Moon on Lichens - Limited Edition 2023

MiniVAP Moon on Lichens – Limited Edition 2023


  • Limited Editions (serial by laser): 15 units of each color
  • Quartz core. 2 models to CHOOSE: 100% convection and hybrid (convection-radiation)
  • 32-watt lithium battery, up to 3 hours of life
  • Charger with international voltage
  • Power adapter to power the core with the charger
  • Glass accessory set:

This is our New and Last Limited Edition as we close a product cycle after 14 years of work. We need to refresh creatively to return with more products and surprises in the future.

And remember, although only its appearance is different, the interior includes the latest improvements, staying true to our goal: giving the best of ourselves for an unparalleled experience — for what you see, what you touch, and what you feel.

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