Improving the extraction with your MV

Improving the extraction with your MV

Hello miniVAPers!

Please, follow the next recommendations in order to have a better experience with the MiniVAP.2

  1. Use the baskets (small or medium sizes) to maintain the loading chamber, cone and lid properly clean.
  2. You can put the plant directly into the loading chamber but clean it often, otherwise it will get tasty and dirt from the previous sessions. It’s better to clean it when the internal walls are warm.
  3. The plant must be grinded for an optimal extraction and the basket has to be FILLED COMPLETELY. If you don’t grind the plant or the basket is not full up to the top, the air will go in between the empty places and you will inhale heated air rather than a dense cloud of vapor.


We hope this info will help you with your user experience and the maintenance of your mV


-The mV Team-

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