MiniVAP New Colors – Limited Edition

MV orange - Limited edition

MiniVAP New Colors – Limited Edition

At MiniVAP, we like to release Limited Editions of our vaporizers from time to time, as a tribute to certain things that we believe are important or significant. Previously, we released some models in gold, with the meaning of purity; and green lime in reference to the properties of plants, which were warmly welcomed among our customers. Now, we are returning to the exclusiveness of that universe, presenting new collection in navy-blue, orange and fuchsia-red; wishing to pay tribute to the geographic enclave from which we originated, and the time of day that we find most pleasant.

MiniVAP - Limited Editions 2018

Limited Editions 2018

These colors transport us to the seashore or any jagged mountain landscape in the Iberian Peninsula. We are watching the sunset as the night gains ground, covering everything with that characteristic blue mantle, belonged only to that moment of the day.

On that beach, that seafront esplanade; the never-ending terraces are there, on which we can enjoy a good red wine. Ribera, Arlanza, Somontano, Rioja, sweet wine from Jerez… Spain is a land of wines and there is a wide choice (without mentioning rosés, claret, white and verdejo vines).

It’s time for peacefulness, relaxation, forgetting about work, and giving time to ourselves, if possible, in company.


MiniVAP Orange - Limited Edition 2018

Orange – Limited Edition

Our coast, plentiful, varied, and envied. Our countryside, from which our grandparents have gathered the fruits of their efforts and the generosity of nature, generation after generation. The sun and the busy night-time activity, also characteristic of these lands, and manifestations of the personality of our peoples; the gastronomy, without forgetting the wine, cornerstones for a happy, caring, and welcoming society.


MiniVAP Navy Blue - Limited Edition 2018

Navy Blue – Limited Edition

The wine, the main reference of the taste and the smells of our land. A demanding palate that knows at all times how to appreciate and lend importance to the senses, the subtlety of the nuances and details, which are the guarantee of quality in the culinary world.  At MiniVAP, we try to take the greatest care of those organoleptic properties of the substances we vaporize, preserving both their purity and the aftertaste, through optimal extraction.

MiniVAP Fuchia - Limited Edition 2018

Fuchia – Limited Edition

This is our New Limited Edition. Although its appearance seems different, they are still the same vaporizers as ever, updated with the latest improvements. Our objective: to give you the best user experience, for what you see, for what you touch, but also for what you feel.

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