New experiences with MV (I): direct loading

direct loading MiniVAP

New experiences with MV (I): direct loading

As you know, MiniVAP extracts the vapor mostly by convection heating. This means that a big amount of heat is transferred through the air to the plant material that you want to vaporize. We truly believe that convection heating is the best to make terpenes last for longer and avoid the ‘cooking’ process of conduction heating which modifies the taste and, in some way, the effect of our flowers.

After some conversations with a member in Fuck Combustion forum (Jardri) who is very used of testing different types and brands of vaporizers, we want to share our conclusions and give you some new recommendations to use the MV in a different way so you will get a different experience.

Jardri was looking for a quicker, denser, and tastier extraction. Besides that, it increased the flow (easier inhalations) and worked much better for small amounts (micro-dosing).

The solution is simple and easy (less is more). Put the flowers directly inside the loading chamber of the vaporizer, so you don’t need to load the basket. When flowers are at the bottom, there is more conduction and radiation heat that will make the inhalation softer (requiring less effort) and quicker (vapor since the first drag).


Picture 1: direct loading method in the MiniVAP cores.


Read and keep in mind the next tips for best results:

  • The loading chamber must be ready for it so if you own a MV Glass QC, make sure that a metal ring is already installed at the bottom of the loading chamber (this is in all units and updates since 2021, otherwise contact with us to get it). Now, put a 15MM filter disc (that you will find in the Starter kit) inside the loading chamber at the top of the ring. If you own a peek or Teflon-glass QC, you don’t need to add any extra.

Picture 2. How to install the ring and filter disc inside the Glass Core.

  • Keep using the baskets in the flexicone but empty. An empty basket retains the flowers at the bottom of the vaporizer (avoiding them to flow freely when inhaling).
  • Load enough material to keep it a little tampered but if you load too much it could restrict airflow. Use the medium or small basket depending on how much you want the flower to move inside the loading chamber.

Other recommendation would be:

  • Empty the loading chamber after each session and be extremely clean, otherwise you will find lots of condensed vapor and sticky particles at the top of the vaporizer and the walls of the loading chamber after a few sessions.
  • Highest temperature settings can help maintaining the unit clean as well as fully extracting the herbs until no more visible vapor is exhaled.
  • Gently blow the empty chamber after each use.

Although our recommendation is using the baskets as a filling method because maintenance of the vaporizer is much easier, and you get a better control of the amounts you load; the direct loading can transform the device’s behavior and surprise you with new experiences for your MiniVAP.

Additional note: This method works with every MiniVAP core but Jardri recommends using the glass core with the 7-temp preset. Its hybrid heating technology works much better for quick and complete extractions.

Feel free to contact us if you want to add more information to this article or ask about upgrading your unit. Write us an email to:

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