New WPAs: water pipe adapters

MV Lid WPA in town

New WPAs: water pipe adapters

The so-called Water-Pipe Adapters (WPA) provide a connection to all of your glassware: pipes, hydration tubes , humidifiers (bubblers), etc. The WPA has a conical shape and standardized dimensions for reliable and watertight connections. Welcome to the new WPAs on MiniVAP.

We have renewed the design of the 14 mm glass adapter and added a 14 mm-to-18 mm adapter, also made of glass.

There is also a new design: an adapter / WPA for the lid. You will get a fast and direct connection on your MiniVAP core with Hydratubes® or bongs.

14MM Glass WPA to flexicone+Picture 1. Glass WPA (14mm) in the MiniVAP Flexicone+.

Adapter/WPA for MV Flexicone+

Please note that there are changes. The inlet outer diameter of the new glass adapter is thicker (10 mm, previously 8 mm) for better grip when attached to a Flexicone+ tube. Do not try to fit a Flexicone to the hole of the lid, because it may crack the plastic part. Read on…

Glass Adapter 14MM and Glass Starter kit in MVPicture 2. Glass Water-Pipe Adaptor (WPA) and Glass Starter Kit in MiniVAP

14-18MM Glass Adapter

The last WPA is the 14-18mm glass adapter to convert the 18mm female joint into the 14mm standard. This glass adapter connects your vaporizer to a cooler or water filter.

MiniVAP Glass WPA - 14to18MMPicture 3. Male-female glass Adapter (14 to 18mm).

Lid WPA for the MV Lid

I have to thank Ed’s TnT and Stickstones from the FuckCombustion forum for developing this part. The first WPA for the MiniVAP Lid came into my hands thanks to their efforts: an attractive 18 mm wooden part that fits perfectly on the lid. With the help of Jardri we have perfected the dimensions so that, using a vertical humidifier (Hydratube® type), it fits like a glove to the top of the lid.

MV 14MM WPA-lidPicture 4 New WPA for the Lid of MiniVAP

The WPA is manufactured from a technology called additive manufacturing. The raw material is a type of nylon and although the external texture is rugged, the material is mechanically very solid and almost unbreakable.

To use this New accessory, you must install the glass mouthpiece (or manifold) and the cut flexicone on the inside of the lid so the vapor only touches glass and not the inner walls of the WPA. You will find the explanation in the previous post “New Accessories MiniVAP (I) Accessories: Glass Starter Kit

Glass Manifold in the MiniVAP lidPicture 5: Manifold fitted to the MiniVAP lid.

Fit the WPA by inserting its thicker end through the straight part of the manifold that protrudes from the cap. Press it firmly in until the base of the WPA is resting on the lid. You will notice some tightness and only a firm grip will prevent any movement and retain the part. Firmly fitted, it cannot slip out and it remains inserted in the bubbler connection.

14MM lid WPA in MiniVAP and hydratubePicture 6: Lid WPA in the MV lid and Hydratube

The second function that we propose for the use of this part is as a standard glass adapter connected to the tubular end of a Flexicone+.


Picture 7. Lid-WPA to MiniVAP flexicone+.

Insert a manifold inside the lid WPA, from the tapered end of the WPA. You will see the straight part of the manifold protruding through the bottom of the WPA. Connect the rim of the Flexicone+ here.

You are now ready to connect to your glass tools and to enjoy the flavor.

*available here.

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