One Year Learning

One Year Learning

Just over a year ago, we opened the new MV Online Store. It has truly opened a door to the world. As it’s usage has grown we have been able to be in contact with bloggers, forums (and their members) but mostly on an everyday basis with you, our valued customers, the miniVAP users: MiniVAP is an small business but we are growing day by day thanks to you all.

Your questions, concerns and suggestions have really helped us not only improve the product quality but also add all those details that make a difference when buying a MV. A sample of this is our new image of the web site and our new catalogue of accessories and replacements parts, which has been specifically designed according to your suggestions and answers about what you like or what you use more of.

There are also several new products designed to improve your experience:
The new MV Starter Kit has a sample of each of the basic miniVAP accessories, in this way you can try the products and then choose what best suits your tastes and needs.

The Decarboxylation Kit increases heat conduction (keeping the temperature in the vaporization chamber above 150 ° C) thereby increasing the decarboxylation process and providing a stronger and more active vapor. (not recommended for concentrated or essential oils).

flexicone and the flexicone + are designed to reduce the inhalation effort and help cool the vapor, thus improving the taste sensation and making the inhalation more comfortable and durable.

The size S Baskets (can hold up 7.5ml over the standard size M, 15ml.) By reducing the size, performance is improved and the effort of breathing is reduced significantly.without compromising the experience.

We hope you like it!

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