USB-C (I): Power Adapter

MV Power Adapter by USB-C

USB-C (I): Power Adapter

Unveiling Our Latest Innovation

Travel and adventure just got easier and more exciting with our newest release designed specifically for the MiniVAP enthusiast on the go. Whether you’re setting off on a camping trip or jet-setting across the globe, your MiniVAP is now more portable and convenient than ever before. Discover the possibilities of USB-C.

MV Power Adapter by USB-C and power Bank

MiniVAP vaporizer powered from the Power Adapter by USB-C to a Power Bank

Power Up, Anywhere, Anytime

Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying multiple chargers or searching for compatible power sources. The MiniVAP now seamlessly integrates with the power solutions you already use and love. Heat-up your MiniVAP using:

  • Your regular phone charger*.
  • Any standard power bank.

Introducing our groundbreaking Power Adapter with a USB-C connection — the universal solution for your charging needs.

*Compatibility Note: Your MiniVAP can be powered by any Fast Charger with an output of 22 Watts or more.

Are You Ready for CHANGE?

Embrace the future of convenience with MiniVAP. This innovation isn’t just for new users; it’s also available for your existing MiniVAPs, ensuring everyone can join the revolution. Check how you can UPDATE your old Power Adapter to the latest USB-C version.


Gear up for your next adventure with MiniVAP — where innovation meets a green way of thinking.

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