MV Core Update

MV Core Update

From 107.44 Excl. VAT

UPDATE your vaporizer to the Quick Core Heating Technology:

Fast heating, lower power consumption, more durability and detection of inhalation.

Product Description

Renew your old MiniVAP vaporizer. If your unit is older than July 2015 or you just want to try a new experience, we have launched a new/improved heating technology:

  • faster: decreasing heating time
  • increasing the durability of the heater
  • improving the temperature control and bottom tapping
  • including the inhaling detection and timer reset after every inhalation.

This service offers the possibility to update the air-path to the latest Quick Core Technology in different two models: teflon-glass (100% convection) or glass (convection+radiation).


MiniVAP CORE UPDATE includes:

  • heater replacement to the new model
  • firmware update and temperature calibration
  • cleaning, replacement of broken pieces
  • shipping back to customer’s address

Not included: shipping of the device from the customer’s to our facilities.

Additional Information

Teflon-Glass (convection), Glass (convection-radiation)


Heating time* (Quick Core model)

    • Blue: 60 secs
    • Pink: 190 sec
    • Green:120 sec
    • Red: 150 secs

Temperature control: digital, 4 levels of temperature

Temperature display: front LED of 4 colors

Temperature Levels:  375º | 400º | 430º | 455ºF  –  190º | 205º | 220º | 235º C

Safe energy timers: Standby (5min) y Auto-off (5min). Detection of inhalation.

* Measures: when powered with the MV Power Adapter

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