MV Espresso Capsules

MV Espresso Capsules

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Espresso Capsules to fill.

  • Comfortable and discrete containers help to increase radiation-conduction heat.
  • Maximizing extraction, aroma and vapor volume.

Load and maintain your MV vaporizer always clean.

Use the MV Glass Mouthpiece-manifold for all glass vapor-path. Compatible with Flexicone and Flexicone+.

Very Soon: compatibled for extracts with liquid pads.



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Product Description

MiniVAP Espresso Capsules use Bernoulli effect to increase pressure insiden to provide:

  • dense extraction at lower temperatures
  • intense of aroma and effects with less inhalations
  • All glass airpath: use the Glass Mouthpiece as a Manifold

Includes: 4 glass containers

You can use it together with the miniVAP Glass Mouthpiece for an all glass vapor-path.

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Additional Information
Weight24 g
Dimensions4 × 4 × 2 cm

Material: Borosilicate glass
Quantity: 4 pieces
Size: length: 0.5″ |loading weight: 0.3gr /0.1oz

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WARNING: Handle with care. This piece gets very HOT after used in the loading chamber.

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