MV Glass Mouthpieces Kit

MV Glass Mouthpieces Kit

12.40 Excl. VAT

This MV glass piece has two functions:

  • mouthpiece, for a clean and comfortable touch in your lips.
  • manifold to collect and cool down the vapor.

The piece is easily washable and must be handle with care.

You can get a ALL-GLASS vapor-path, together with the Glass Containers.



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Product Description

New miniVAP Glass piece with two functions:

  • Connect to a cut flexicone as a Manifold to cool down the vapor
  • Use it as a Mouthpiece in a flexicone+

Includes: 4 glass pieces.

You can use it together with the miniVAP Glass container for an all glass vapor-path.

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Additional Information
Weight25 g
Dimensions1 × 1.5 × 0.5 cm

Material: Glass

Length: 0.8″
Diameter: 0.39″
Weight: 0.15 oz

The material is easily washable.

WARNING: Handle with care.

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