MV Single Vaporizer

MV Single Vaporizer

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  • Modular vaporizer by convection heating
  • Powered by the charger
  • Digital control with 4 levels


  • 1 MiniVAP Vaporizer
  • 1 Adapter + Charger (international)
  • 1 Accessories Kit
  • 1 Single Bag
Product Description

MiniVAP is a portable system to vaporize: compact, noiseless, efficient and easy to use. The heating and extraction occurs only when the user inhales by a method of heating under demand.

  • Durable design with a anodized aluminum case in different colours.
  • The front LED shows 4 different temperature settings.
  • Neutral materials.
  • Certified and tested for household use.

The Adapter module powers the MiniVAP vaporizer plugged to the charger.

The modular MiniVAP vaporizer can be connected also to a battery (not included).

Additional Information

Glass Quick-Core, Original Teflon, Peek Quick-Core


Black, Silver

Dimensions and weight (the vaporizer)
Height 4.4“
Diameter 2“
Weight 0.4 lb.
Dimensions and weight (with the Adapter)
Height 5.4“
Diameter 2“
Weight 0.5 lb.
Temperature Control
Digital, 4 levels of temperature
Temperature Display
Front led Blue, pink, green and red
Temperature Levels
Farenheit (F) 375º | 400º | 430º | 455º F
Celcius (C) 190º | 205º | 220º | 235º C
Energy Save Modes
Standby and Auto-Off (each 12min)

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