Quartz Core: purity & density


Quartz Core: purity & density

First portable vaporizer with a Quartz core. More density, more clouds, more performance at your fingertips. Try the latest models with the New Quartz Core at miniVAP and enjoy the purity and higher density.

What’s NEW?

As you may know, we built the miniVAP cores within a glass tube. The main tube conducts the air and heats it up to create a hot stream that extracts the active principals of the herbs and spices. It withstands quick thermal changes and high temperatures, but it is also part of the loading chamber (in Hybrid cores: convection-radiation).

Previously, the main tube was borosilicate glass, but we have replaced it for Quartz, which is more durable and improves the taste and the aroma.

The Quartz is visible in the loading chamber of the Hybrid cores. But this innovation is also inside the 100% Convection cores, renamed the PTFE-Quartz or Teflon-Quartz Core.


MiniVAP Loading chamber in Quartz core

MiniVAP Loading chamber, internal Quartz core

Advantages of Quartz Cores

The new design has following advantages:

  • better electric performance
  • shorter heating-up time
  • improved taste and aroma
  • greater durability and robustness
  • increased conduction (in hybrid cores) so density


The New Quartz core (QzC) included in all the MiniVAP models is available under the options for updating the core.


We hope you like and enjoy this innovation.


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