Quick Core. The Evolution.

Quick Core. The Evolution.

Hey miniVAPers!

As you know, we constantly work in miniVAP on developing and improving our vaporizers. Most of the improvements come out because of your suggestions, so we must thank you because of your ideas and support.

We want to introduce something special. The new heating system of miniVAP*, the QuickCore (QC). The QC improves some basic aspects from the original core of miniVAP.


What is the QUICK CORE and why is BETTER?

It’s an perfection of our convection heating technology, decreasing the electric consumption with more power of the heater.

  • Less time to startup, and heats up faster. It takes 2 minutes long to get the highest temperature in 2 minutes.


  • Less electric consumption. Continuously used, battery lasts up to 4 hours


  • Less effort, easier to inhale.


In general,  the miniVAP QC  improves  the heating time and increases the battery life, keeping the purity of taste and the organoleptic properties of the plants,  without forgetting the quality of the product and useful life of its  internal components.

As always, we hope these news will help you  in your miniVAP user’s experience.


-The mV Team-


*For updating your original mv core to QC mv, click here.

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