Battery maintenance: recomendations

Battery maintenance: recomendations

Hello miniVAPers!

Here some basic recommendations for keeping your miniVAP batteries lifespan.

1. Charge/discharge the battery completely at least once every week.

2. The optimal temperature range to operate is between 15º and 30ºC, and the best temperature range to storage is 10º to 25ºC.

3. Bellow 5ºC the battery will temporally lose more than its  40% of the capacity.

4. More than 35ºC will  temporally disconnect the battery power to prevent damages.

5. If you don’t use the battery for more than 2 weeks, keep it at medium change.  From an empty state, charge it only for 30min.

We hope this advices will hel you with the maintenance of your vaporizers.

-The mV Team-

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