General questions

Equivalence between Colors and setting?

Front light
Convection Core
BLUE185ºC – 365ºF
PINK201ºC – 394ºF
GREEN218ºC – 425ºF
RED235º C – 455ºF


Front light
Hybrid Core
BLUE185º C – 365ºF
PINK207ºC – 405ºF
GREEN229ºC – 444ºF
RED250º C – 482ºF

Check the next link to read more when 7 colors setting.

Rear lightBattery level
GREEN(max) Up to 180 minutes
ORANGE(half) 90-60 minutes
RED(low) <60 minutes

Why using the basket or liquid pad?

From the point of view of cleanness, it will be easier for you to clean the basket or pad rather than the whole loading chamber every time you use the vaporizer.

It always is recommended to use the basket or liquid pad for extracts or oils. The melting point of these substances are usually low so they can drop into the bottom of the vaporizer getting dirt easily.

Heating up the basket or liquid pad

When using the basket or pad, remember that more heat is need to warm up it and get a proper extraction. After 2 or 3 inhalations, it will be ready for a dense extraction.

For the best results, it’s recommend to set the temperature on Green or Red.

Warranty: Battery

Previously, the battery of the MiniVAP was warrantied for one year.

In 2016, the warranty on the battery was decreased to 3 months. The batteries are tested in a laboratory under stable conditions that don’t take into account all the real world situations…

  • Some customers use unofficial chargers that break the internal cells in less than five to ten cycles.
  • External conditions like going to the beach can overheat the battery and reduce the capacity dramatically.
  • Our manufacturer guaranties 500 charge/discharge cycles, so the battery should last around one year based on one to two recharges a day.

We keep improving the batteries life and make them more efficient, and life-longer.

Diagnose and technical recomendations

How to connect the MV Charger and Battery

A quick guide about how to charge the battery of your miniVAP

  1. Make sure that the US/UK/EU plug is properly connected to the wall socket.
  2. Check if the other side of the wire is correctly connected into the charger. If the charger is properly connected to the mains (110-230V), shows a green light. Don’t place the battery jet.
  3. Check that the jack fits deep enough into the MV charging base, turn and push the jack. Sometimes it is a little bit tight at the beginning.
  4. Place the battery on the charging base, the charger should show a red light (charging).*
  5. The charge finishes showing a green light in the MV charger.

*When the battery is placed on the base and there is no power on the charger, this will show a green light coming from the battery (it doesn’t mean that the battery is charged but properly connected to the base and the charger).

How to connect the MV Power Adapter to the Charger

Some advices for connecting the MiniVAP Charger and MV Power Adapter.

  1. Make sure that the US/UK/EU plug is properly connected to the wall socket.
  2. Check if the other side of the cable is correctly connected into the charger. If the charger is properly connected to 110-230Vac, shows a green light.
  3. Turn and push the jack into the hole of the power Adapter, and make sure that the jack fits deep enough into the connector of the Adapter.
  4. Connect the MV vaporizer to the Power Adapter. The LED’s of the MiniVAP will show the temperature level (front) and battery level (rear: green/blue) for 1-2 seconds.
  5. Now, switch on the MiniVAP. The light of the MV charger will turn red or red-green (fast) to show that is powering the vaporizer.

How to test your MV charger?

Here some tips for testing if you MiniVAP charger is working or not.

  1. Make sure that the US/UK/EU plug is properly connected to the wall socket.
  2. Check if the other side of the cable is correctly connected into the charger.
  3. Don’t connect the MV power adapter or the MV charging base yet.

If the charger is properly connected to the mains (110-230Vac), the light of the charger will be green.

If the charger is not connected or working properly, the light is off or will shifts red-green color, to showing an internal short circuit.

¿How to take out the filters at the bottom of the loading chamber?

Depending of the type of core, please, follow the next operations.

For the Teflon or Peek core, first take out the white Teflon tube around the chamber with the handle of a tea spoon or flat screw. Don’t use anything sharp to avoid scratching the internal tube. Turn the MiniVAP down and shake it to move the first filter away. Next take out the bottom ring by repeating the operation of the Teflon tube.

Now (also for the Glass core) place the point of a needle or a sharp tool at the side-bottom of the chamber and press up to take the filters out. You will see two filters: first of 150 micron and second of 44 micron opening.

Replace the filters if they are damaged or clean all the pieces with alcohol. After washing with water, dry and put all the pieces back and enjoy your MiniVAP.

NOTE: please use this instructions to install the Decarboxylation kit or use the Loading chamber kit to replace the Teflon tube and ring.

How to clean the loading chamber?

The walls of the loading chamber are made from anti-adherent material in the Original Teflon cores or Peek quick core. Depending on the plant you vaporize, some sticky substances (like oils or other solid particles) could get stack at the walls but also the bottom and inner filters of the loading chamber.

It ‘s recommend to clean the vaporizer just before use it when the loading chamber is still warm. This helps to clean it easily using the brush. If the unit was off, turn on the vaporizer and warm it up making one or two inhalations. Then it is easier to clean it.

The best option is always to use the basket or liquid pad as keeps in most of the dirt and particles.

How to install the MiniVAP Decarboxylation Kit

First take out the white Teflon tube around the chamber with the handle of a tea spoon or flat screw. Don’t use anything sharp to avoid scratching the internal tube. Turn the MiniVAP down and shake it to move the first filter away. Now take out the bottom ring by repeating the previous operation to take the Teflon tube out.

  • For the Teflon core, first insert the metal ring with a 45 degrees and press down until flat. Place the filter disc and then the metal tube.
  • For the Peek Core, insert the metal tube first. Then install the Teflon or metal ring. For this case, the function of the ring is to lock the metal tube inside, avoiding that comes out accidentally. In this case, the ring (Teflon or metal) doesn’t affect to the decarboxylation process.

NOTE: Please, read the FAQ ‘How to take out the filters of the loading chamber‘ to know more about the replacement of the filter discs in the loading chamber.

User recomendations

Don’t break the fins

Be aware that to close the lid, the operation must be:

Place, press down and tighten.

The flexicones are slightly taller to ensure the sealing of the loading chamber, so the lid must be pressed down firmly.

When the lid is in place but only one fin is in the lid and it is turned, then the fin is forced and can break if repeated a few times or if the lid is over tightened.

The MV Flexicone and The MV Flexicone+. Durable and easy to clean

Both the MV flexicone and its version with a tube, the Flexicone+, are made of food grade silicone. According to the safety specifications sheet of this material, there is no migration of substances that are hazardous to human health, provided that certain guidelines are followed on substances that might come into contact with it and on temperature.

In time, the condensation of the vapor means that the silicone acquires a brown color within its interior. The condensed dirt can be cleaned with alcohol or hot water and soap, copiously rinsing the silicone with water before its reuse.

Nevertheless, after approximately 30 uses (depending on the intensity, type of substance, and frequency of use) the silicone adopts a yellowish tone, which even deep cleaning cannot remove. We therefore recommend its replacement, due to aesthetic reasons.

Improving the extraction with your MiniVAP

Please, follow the next recommendations in order to have a better experience with the MiniVAP.

  1. Use the baskets (small or medium sizes) to maintain the loading chamber, cone and lid properly clean.
  2. You can put the plant directly into the loading chamber but clean it often, otherwise it will get tasty and dirt from the previous sessions. It’s better to clean it when the internal walls are warm. CAUTION: there is a risk of burns in contact with the vaporization chamber when is still too hot.
  3. The herbs must be ground for an optimal extraction. If you don’t grind the plant, the air will move only externally, reducing the level of extraction. You will inhale heated air rather than a dense cloud of vapor.
  4. The basket must not be packed and filled to the brim, so that the hot air can freely circulate and the plant will move/mix in the basket. The inhalation will be soft and easy , getting the best performance.
  5. For the highest density, the basket must be packed and filled to the brim, but it will be harder to inhale and the top of the plant won’t be extracted completely.

Three advises to inhale properly

The way you inhale, the way you will appreciate the aspects of you herbs, so please read the next to get the best experience:

  1. The proper extraction occurs after inhaling deeply for more than 3-4 seconds. The MV Teflon and Peek cores are almost a 100% convection heating so you must pull enough hot air into the loading chamber to start creating the vapor. The Glass core needs shorter inhalations because the loading chamber is being preheated by its own conduction-convection design.
  2. First and second inhalations don’t usually deliver much vapor but a pure and strong taste in the palate. The heated airflow starts delivering the most volatile chemicals (taste and aroma, with a low boiling point) rather than other active compounds. After 2-3 inhalations you should start making vapor.
  3. The temperature/color setting point is important but also how long and deep you inhale.

Inhaling strong for more than 10 seconds, the amount of vapor will be more dense and satisfactory. Use a cooling system (glass water filter) or the flexicone+ to decrease the temperature in the mouth/throat or avoid coughing.

Inhaling softly but continuously releases a soft and tasty feelings.

Battery maintenance: recomendations

Here some basic recommendations for keeping your miniVAP batteries lifespan.

  1. Charge/discharge the battery completely at least once every two weeks.
  2. The optimal temperature range to operate is between 15º and 30ºC. The best temperature range to storage is 10º to 25ºC.
  3. Bellow 5ºC the battery will temporally lose more than its  40% of the capacity.
  4. More than 35ºC will  temporally disconnect the battery power to prevent damages.
  5. If you don’t use the battery for more than 1 month, keep it at medium or high change.  From an empty state, charge it only for 30-45min.

If you battery doesn’t hold the charge for more than one 30 min. please contact to our technical service or read more about how to replace the cells of your MV battery.

How to connect the MV Flexicone to the Glass Adapter

Some pictures that show different ways to user the Glass Adapter and the Flexicone. You can use this setting with or without the Lid.

How to install the MiniVAP Flexicone and Glass adapter in the Lid_1

MV Glass Adapter with the Lid

MiniVAP Flexicone and Glass Adapter

MV Flexicone and Glass Adapter