Diagnose and repair of your portable vaporizer

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MiniVAP offers a warranty of 2 years for the vaporizer, base and charger. The warranty of the battery is 3 months.

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Contact with our MiniVAP technical service

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    Warranty of the battery

    Three months battery warranty

    The batteries are tested in a lab under stable conditions that don’t take into account all the diversity of real situations.

    There is a risk of using non-official chargers that break the internal cells in less than five recharging cycles. Also, external conditions like exposing the battery to the sun on beach and overheat the cells, reducing dramatically their capacity.

    Our manufacturer guaranties 500 charge/discharge cycles, so the battery should last around one year based on 1 to 2 recharges a day. Anyway, we are improving the batteries, and make them more efficient, and life-longer.

    Basic recommendations for keeping your MiniVAP batteries lifespan.

    1. Charge/discharge the battery completely at least once every week.
    2. The optimal temperature range to operate is between 15º and 30ºC, and the best temperature range to storage is 10º to 25ºC.
    3. Bellow 5ºC the battery will temporally lose more than its  40% of the capacity.
    4. More than 35ºC will  temporally disconnect the battery power to prevent damages.
    5. If you don’t use the battery for more than 2 weeks, keep it at medium change.  From an empty state, charge it only for 30min.