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5 reasons to choose MiniVAP

Como utilizar un vaporizador | Vaporizador hierba

1. User experience

MiniVAP is a herb vaporizers that works and heats on demand. This means that the vapor is produced only when you inhale, so you have control over the extracted amount and density. This characteristic increases the performance of every load and releases a fantastic taste and aroma since doesn’t ‘cook’ the herbs.

2. Taste and aroma

The extraction occurs by convection (at four temperature levels : 180, 200, 210 y 230ºC (370, 395, 420 and 445ºF). The hot airflow goes through the loaded plant ONLY on each inhalation, keeping the organoleptic properties (taste and aroma) longer.

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3. Simple and customized design

Easy and comfortable to use. MiniVAP is an intuitive device, simple to load and clean. There are many accessories to adapt the vaporizer to different users or situations.

4. Mobility and autonomy

A compact shape and Li-ion powering help to use the device everywhere at home or outdoors (up to 3 hours). MiniVAP’s modular design provides simplicity for mobility and adaption to your environment.

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Vaporizador de Hierbas

5. Technology and own design

Since MiniVAP’s origin in 2008, we bank on our own technology and exclusive design, which have inspired other vaporizers on the market and the development of new products in the field of medicine and pharmacy.