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MiniVAP is a portable vaporizer with a modular design, created to connect or disconnect different power accessories (Battery or Power Adapter) for whatever you need.

There are dozens of different combinations to customize to your experience. You can vaporize your way with multiple power options and mouthpieces, and different sized loading baskets.

In our store, you can find all the accessories and replacement parts for your MiniVAP vaporizer.

Decarboxylation Kit MiniVAP

Upgrade Kits

MiniVAP offers 2 Upgrade Kits: the MiniVAP Decarboxilatiion Kit, which converts the convection cores (Original and Peek) into convection/conduction core.

We also offer an accessory for liquids, the MiniVAP liquid pad to improve vaporization of extracts or concentrates

Replacement Parts

Several accessories will help keep your vaporizer clean and ready.

The MV Loading Chamber Kit will replace the old internal pieces in your loading chamber for the convection cores. The O-ring filters are durable and easy to install in the flexicone.

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power modules minivap

MiniVAP power Modules

Turn your MiniVAP vaporizer from a plug-in model to a portable.

MiniVAP Battery: built with 4 Li-ion rechargeable batteries, you’ll be able to use your MiniVAP anywhere for a long time without charging.

MiniVAP Power Adapter: use your MiniVAP comfortably and steadily for hours – just plug the charger into the outlet at home.

Different mouthpieces

Discretion or comfort, MiniVAP offers two types of mouthpieces:

  • Original moutpieces: rigid, small, practice and discrete
  • Flexicones+: flexible, easy to use, cooling down the vapor to make the experience more confortable
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Loading baskets

Different sizes for different people. The baskets help to keep the vaporizer clean, are easy to set up, and keep the load sizes consistent. Every MiniVAP comes with both baskets sizes in the MiniVAP Starter Kit.

They are also available in packs of four and in two sizes: medium (for loads up to 200mg) and small ( up to 50mg).