The heart of MiniVAP

Heating Cores

Same look, different way of heating. We define ‘heating core’ as the internal part of the vaporizer that vaporizes the active ingredients in the herbs.

With MiniVAP, you can choose the color and the heating core.

Our first heating element (called the Original Core) was created in 2008 and designed to extract and to prolong the taste and the aroma of the herbs, only by using convection heating (on demand hot-air flow).

We have explored the introduction of conduction/radiation heating (increasing the mean temperature in the loading chamber, the so-called “cooked” effect), to achieve more intense extraction at a higher vapor density, In 2011, the MV decarboxylation kit was released, as an accessory to add more conduction-radiation to the original convection cores.

In 2016, the original design evolved into the Quick Core technology. The Quick Core MiniVAP vaporizers heat up faster (highest temperature in 2-3 minutes) and increase the battery life (up to 3 hours), making it easier to inhale with less effort.

Since 2020, all the heating cores have been built with a borosilicate glass tube to achieve higher temperatures by convection and increase the durability of the vaporizer. A new innovation in the development of the convection core and hybrid (convection-radiation) core versions.

In 2022, the Quartz Cores were launched. These are an improved design of the previous versions, now the glass tube is made of quartz. You can read more here.

CONVECTION CORE: taste and purity

The loading chamber in the convection cores is built with insulative materials, to avoid heating the plant when there is no inhalation.

Heating and vaporization are free on demand, so heating only occurs when the user inhales. At that point, the hot air within the vaporizer is drawn over the plant or extract to generate the vapor, with convection-evaporation rates of 100% in hot air.

MiniVAP convection heating core

MiniVAP convection heating core

The core is built with a quartz air path, but the loading chamber is made of PTFE (Teflon®), providing the following advantages:

  • It will not conduct or absorb heat easily, so the temperature in the loading chamber will not increase over time, only when you inhale.
  • Odorless and tasteless to respect the original taste and aromas.
  • Non-stick, keeping easy to clean or maintain.

Basically, the design was thought out to create a thermal barrier between the heater and the loading chamber, so:

  • The passive heat does not cook the herbs between inhalations or when the device is switched on.
  • The main advantage is to prolong the organoleptic properties (taste and aroma), which are more intense and long-lasting.


This heating core (also called Glass GC) was developed in 2014 following the launch of the MV Decarboxylation Kit in 2013. In 2022, the borosilicate glass was replaced by quart (Quartz Core) for more efficienty.

Some users suggested to make an all glass core. In this way, the loading chamber can withstand higher temperatures, increasing the decarboxylation, especially with regard to: conduction/radiation (hybrid) heating.

MiniVAP convection-radiation heating core

MiniVAP convection-radiation heating core

The result was a new heating air-path made of borosilicate or quart which:

  • Is perfectly safe and complies with food grade materials.
  • Combines the convection-conduction-radiation heating at the same time, since the heat conductivity of glass is much greater than it is for PTFE-Teflon. The glass air-path extends up to the loading chamber subjecting the herbs to a continuous/passive source of heat.
  • Provides a stronger extraction and more density.

Here are some tips to help you to use and maintain the Quartz Core:

  • Clean the quartz core regularly, especially to avoid vapor condensation on the walls of the loading chamber.
  • The Hybrid (conduction/radiation) heating increases decarboxylation of some active ingredients, so the effects might vary from a ‘cooked effect’.

Summary of Cores

  • MV Convection Core (or PTFE-QzC): soft and subtle feeling, maintaining the terpenes and flavonoids (taste and aroma) longer.
The heat is transferred only when the user inhales and not because of radiation heat coming from the walls or bottom of the loading chamber.

In addition, there is more conduction/radiation and new effects when the MV Decarboxylation Kit, is installed.

  • MV Hybrid Core (or Hybrid QzC): offers an intense feeling and dense vapor by increasing the conduction/radiation heat, offering higher extraction and more decarboxylation of the herbs.
A cooling system and/or drinking plenty of water is recommendable when vaping with this core.

All heating cores are made with clean and harmless materials:

food grade and safe for herbs and oils.


Summary of MiniVAP Heating Cores3

Accessories and Cores

All the cores are compatible with the following accessories: MiniVAP baskets, MV Liquid Pads, MV Flexicone, Flexicone+ and Mouthpieces.

The MiniVAP baskets and the MV Liquid Pads must be installed in the MV Flexicone, Flexicone+ and the Mouthpieces.

NOTE. The MiniVAP Loading Chamber Kit and MiniVAP Decarboxylation Kits are not compatible with the Hybrid Core (QzC)  and cannot be installed inside the loading chamber.