The heart of MiniVAP

Heating Cores

Same aspect, different way of heating. The heating core is the internal part of the vaporizer that produces heat to vaporize the active ingredients in the herbs.

With MiniVAP, you choose the color and the heating core.

Our first heating element is called Original Core (2008) and was designed to extract and extend the taste and aroma with convection heating (on demand by user’s inhalation).

Because some users wanted a more intense extraction and density, we considered introducing conduction/radiation heating (increasing the mean temperature in the loading chamber). So in 2013 the MV decarboxilation kit was released, and later the glass cores.

In 2016, the original design evolved into the Quick Core technology. The Quick Core MiniVAP vaporizers consume half the power and heat up much faster. Quick Core’s come in two different materials for different balances of convection/conduction/radiation: PEEK (convection heating, similar to the original core) and Glass (combines convection and radiation heating).

MV Original Core: convection, taste and purity

The Original MiniVAP core was designed to offer heating and extraction via almost 100% by convection.

MV Original Core is built with a Teflon air-path, providing these advantages:

  • It doesn’t conduct or absorb heat easily, so the temperature in the loading chamber doesn’t increase over time, only when you inhale.
  • Clean and harmless, food grade and safe for herbs and oils.
  • Non-stick, odorless and tasteless, keeping the original taste and aroma of what you load.

Basically, the design was thought to create a thermal barrier between the heater and the load so the passive heat doesn’t cook the herbs between inhalations while the device is on.

In the Teflon Core, the heat is transferred ONLY when the user inhales and not because of radiation heat coming from the walls or the bottom of the loading chamber. The main advantage is to increase and prolong the organoleptic properties (taste and aroma) in comparison to the next generation of glass cores, or after installing the Decarboxylation Kit.


MV Original Core: soft and subtle feeling, keeping the terpenes and flavonoids (taste and aroma) longer. In addition, by installing the MV Decarboxylacion Kit, more conduction/radiation and new effects occur. Recommended for dry herbs.

Glass Core: convection, radiation and density

The MiniVAP Glass Core (GC) was developed in 2014 by Hermes Medical Engineering SL. after launching of the MV Decarboxilation Kit in 2013.

Some customers suggested we make a glass core miniVAP in order to reach higher temperatures and increase the decarboxylation process with conduction/radiation heating.

The result was a new heating air-path made of borosilicate which:

  • Is fully safe and food grade.
  • Combines the convection-conduction-radiation heating at the same time, since glass has a greater heat conductivity than Teflon. The glass air-path extends up to the loading chamber subjecting the herb to a continuous/passive source of heat.
  • Provides a stronger extraction and more density.

Here are some tips to help you to use and maintain the Glass Core:

  • The glass air-path absorbs more energy, so heating times are longer and power consumption is slightly higher.
  • Conduction/radiation heating increases descarboxylation of some active ingredients, so the effects might vary a little bit from a ‘cooking effect’.
  • Clean the glass core regularly, specially to avoid vapor condensation on the walls of the loading chamber.


MV Glass Core offers an intense feeling and dense vapor by increasing the conduction/radiation heat, which provides a higher extraction and more descarboxylation of the herbs. Recommended to use a cooling system like a watter filter. Recommended for dry plants and concentrates.

Quick Core Technology. The evolution

Constantly at miniVAP, we work on developing and improving our portable vaporizers. Most of the improvements come out because of your suggestions, so we must thank you for your ideas and support.

The Quick Core (QC) vaporizers have the latest MiniVAP heating system, an evolution that improves some of basic aspects of the previous cores.

By decreasing power consumption while still including a powerful heater, MiniVAP has perfected the convection and convection/radiation heating technologies . The advantages are:

  • Heats up faster (highest temperature in 2-3 minutes)
  • Decreased power consumption by 50%, with the same battery life! (up to 3 hours)
  • Less restriction, easier to inhale.


MV Quick Core improves the heating time and increases the battery life while preserving the purity of taste and the organoleptic properties of the herbs. This technology is implemented in the Glass (convection/conduction/radiation) and Peek (convection) Cores.

MiniVAP heating cores

Glass Core: Incompatibilities with some MV Accessories

There are a few incompatibilities with some MiniVAP Accessorie and the Glass Core. The Original and Glass Cores are made with different airpaths, so before you get a MiniVAP Glass Core or update your current MV to glass, take into account: