Find why miniVAP is made different..

How does the miniVAP vaporizer work?

The core

MiniVAP builds herb portable vaporizers with its patented convection heating system, or heating with hot air. With convection heating, the hot air flows into the loading chamber and through the herbs to vaporize the active ingredients with fantastic taste and aroma.

A modular concept

With a modular design, the MiniVAP vaporizers can be used anywhere with the battery, or plugged in at home. The MiniVAP is ready for anything with a 3 hour battery life, and the power adapter for all-day vaporizing.


A full range of accessories is available to enhance your sessions:

Updates and replacements

Visit our store for a full range of parts to personalize your MiniVAP, and to replace parts that have worn out.

If you need to update to our latest technology or replace your battery cells, these services are also available. Just send your vaporizer and we will take care of it.