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How MiniVAP is made?
Our own design

Since the beginning, MiniVAP has promoted the creation of our own products: the external aesthetics and design as well as the heating technology.

Continuously improving our devices and banking on durability and simplicity, adapting to different user needs.

Uniform and stable

We make sure to test our portable vaporizers so parameters like performance, temperature or inhalation effort are stable on each model.

Our goal is to offer a uniform and balanced product.

Made in the world

The distribution of our suppliers is global since each component requires special characteristics.

Every manufacturer contributes its value to the manufacturing chain and is selected depending on quality, delivery time or location.


The materials used in the design and manufacturing of the vaporizer are chosen based on their resistance to heat, food grade and durability.

From the glass air path to the external aluminum cover, at MiniVAP we guarantee safe extraction in a durable portable product.

how is MiniVAP made? - limited edition orange vaporizer
How MiniVAP is made?
Quality and safety

We make sure of the quality of the product in order to guarantee user safety.

That’s why the devices and their components are tested in external laboratories for electrical and electromagnetic safety and bio-compatibility following European standards.