A different concept

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vaporizador portatil
Respect your health and the environment

The use of the vaporizer will not only improve your health and your surroundings, but will also help to respect the environment.

Our customer and technical services in Europe and US will support your product through updates or improvements in every model.


Pay attention to what you can and can’t see.

The outer shell is made of a thick (1.5mm) anodized aluminum tube that protects against hard conditions and falls.

Inside, the heating cores and electronics are tested to increase the useful life, even in the harshest conditions.

Designed and assambled in Spain

You deserve a high quality product and this generates value and know-how in our region. Designing and assembling locally stimulates the employment, mainly in the region of Guipúzcoa (the Bask country).

Different experiences

MiniVAP draws inspiration from a modular design, created to connect or disconnect the different power accessories (MV Battery or MV Power Adapter) and adapt it to your environment.

Adapted to your use style, no matter where you go or what you’re looking for.

vaporizador terapeutico | miniVAP
tecnología mv
Science, engineering and education

A big portion of our effort is dedicated to research in universities (University of Leiden NL, South Western Sydney Clinical School AU, University of the Basque Country ES), not just to know more and to improve our vaporizers, but also for the dissemination our work: ‘the science of vaporizing‘; at scientific conferences, as well as publishing data in scientific magazines and attending workshops.